BlockChain Development

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which simply means that a ledger is spread across themembers in the network, and each member holds a copy of the complete ledger.Some key attributes of Blockchain are as follows:

1) Peer-To-Peer: No central authority to control or manipulate it. All participant talks to each other directly. This allows for data exchange to be made directly with no third-parties involvement.

2) Distributed: The ledger is spread across the whole network which makes data tampering difficult.

3) Cryptographically Secured: Cryptography is used for the security services to make the ledger tamper-proof .

4) Add-Only: Data can only be added in the blockchain with time-sequential order. This property implies that once data is added to the blockchain, it is almost impossible to change that data and can be considered practically immutable.

5) Consensus: To update the ledger, it requires consensus; any update made to the blockchain is validated against strict criteria defined by the blockchain protocol and added to the blockchain only after a consensus has been reached among all participating members/nodes on the network. Read more about blockchain

BlockChain Development

The blockchain is the next big thing, Major benefit of blockchain is its transparency, Reliability, and Availability. Its majorly used for Cryptocurrency till now, however, it's been a public network. The public network is open for all, tough to manage and control.

However to use the blockchain in Enterprise and organization requires many Permission based Blockchain setup developed. We provide you best development and setup services in below mention Platform.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is IBM Developed Linux based Blockchain platform. It is Open source Permission based distributed ledger technology platform, designed majorly for enterprises and Organisations. Hyperledger has many upcoming projects under its umbrella-like Fabric, Sawtooth and many more coming. However, Fabric is first and most successfully used the technology of Hyperledger community.

Hyperledger Fabric can be used to developed Permission based blockchain network helpful to restrict the data to a limited set of people. Also, multiple organization can Interact with Each other under Hyperledger Fabric.

We have successfully implemented Fabric for Aviation industry trial setup in the USA, which is still under surveillance to get the best product out of same and implement in production.

R3 Corda

It is Blockchain setup for every business in every industry. It's majorly used in the finance industry. It's easy to set up and maintain. It's Permission based perfect solution for industries to implement blockchain between departments, team, and segment to keep the record reliable, transparent and available.

The contract between companies, deal on product and payment track on the product is being managed by R3 Corda within its setup.

We help to develop and setup the same for Industries. Have worked on Supply chain, Heath care, and daily commute segment.

Ethereum smart contract

Ethereum is the smart contract used majorly in the setup of block chain in crypto currency segment. Node JS, React JS and many other languages are allowed in Ethereum smart contract.

We have used Ethereum smart contract in launching ICO for many industries world wide. Ethereum helps to develop the cryptocurrency in Ethere Coins and will deal with same in developing the coins.

Our experience hold in developing Crypt coin with Ethereum setup for industries in USA and Singapore.

List of technology used to Develop

R3 Corda